REDEFINING WORTH | Priceless, Alaska Branded Documentary from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.
This documentary interviews several victims of sex trafficking in Alaska- including a women who is currently trying to escape her situation. It follows members of Priceless, Alaska, as they try to save as many trafficked humans as possible.
Life in the Arctic | University of Alaska from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.
Arctic Alaska is dark, cold, and lonely for most of the year. But the cold has its benefits, as students at The University of Alaska have found out. This branded documentary tells the story of several students, following them as they acclimatize to the cold and participate in outdoor sports.
BIZZAY | Akeela - EMMY Nominated Documentary from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.
Akeela, Inc. has been positively influencing Alaskans for more than 50 years through their strong community involvement and Rehab facilities. This documentary examines their programs, and what has made them so successful.
Aerial | University of Alaska Promo from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.
Susitna Collection | 49th Supply Co Promo from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.
EXPLORING ALASKA | Lake & Pen Air Ad from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.
Taking a Chance from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.
'Taking a Chance' follows four university students as they make the journey towards creating their first feature and selling it for distribution- all for a budget of less than $500. The film, Chance, was about homelessness in Alaska, and the students wanted to create a film that highlighted the issue accurately, and then donate the profits of the film to a local homeless shelter.
Noelle & Daniel | Wedding Video from Zayn Roohi on Vimeo.